About The 5th Ape Podcast

The fifth ape is a podcast about humans and our ridiculous yet brilliant nature.

Andrew Gross, the host, dives deep into the duality of the universe, the good, the bad and the ugly of humans, aka the fifth ape. The fifth ape addresses the most controversial topics of the times. Political correctness, wokeness, tribalism, cancel culture, radical left, radical right and off the deep end ideology, and most importantly, the overall dysfunction of American society.

Andrew integrates his humor, emotional intelligence, knowledge of history, science, metaphysics, spirituality, psychology, mindfulness, philosophy and good ole common sense to help us all make sense of what’s causing our problems inside ourselves, our culture and how we can all find a way to be equitable and pragmatic during such divisive times.

Tune in and get a good laugh or maybe learn how to cope with the fifth ape inside you and around you.